What type of apartments are available in your villages?

There are generally three apartment types that are available in our villages. These are nominated as Standard, Superior, and Premium. The standard of finish is consistent across all of our apartment types, with the only major variance associated with apartment size.


Can I have meals delivered to my apartment?

Yes. Many BBRV residents utilise meals-on-wheels and other prepared meal services.

Can I arrange for a cleaner or a support person to help me in my unit?

Yes. Many residents utilise cleaning services and other support services as assessed under ACAT. Organising these external services is the responsibility of individual residents.


Is there a resident doctor in the village?

No. However, many residents’ GPs visit the village. We can refer you to a GP who regularly visits the village.


How secure are BBRV villages?

Generally, where required, apartments are fitted with security flyscreens, screen doors and flyscreens. Apartments also feature a 24/7 day nurse call system connected to an external emergency response centre, ensuring you feel safe, comfortable and confident.

Our villages are staffed during normal business hours to provide support and assistance with general village and property related issues.


Can friends or family stay with me?

Yes. For short periods only (e.g. several weeks).

If I go on holidays, may I sub-let my apartment?

No. The village is a secure location for residents and short-term guests only.


Do curfews apply to residents? Or, can I come and go as I please?

You can enter and exit the village freely, provided you respect the privacy and comfort of fellow residents.

Can I cook and eat whatever I like in my apartment?

Yes. Enjoy the security and privacy of independent living in your own apartment.

Am I allowed to grow plants on my balcony?


Can I have a live-in support person in my apartment, 24/7?

No. Our villages are independent living villages. We cater for residents who can live independently between the hours of sunset and sunrise.

Are unit inspections required?

Yes. Unit inspections are conducted annually, upon your request and/or when repair or maintenance is undertaken.

Are pets allowed?

No. Pets are not allowed at BBRV villages.

What type of activities available at BBRV villages?

There is a broad mix of free and paid activities in our villages. Some are organised by residents and others are co-ordinated and funded by residents, BBRV or community organisations. Costs vary depending on the nature of the event. You pay only for the events you wish to attend. Contact our Village Managers to find out more.

Is there a shop within the village?

No. However, there are retail stores near to each village.


Do you offer short-term apartment rentals (e.g. for a couple of months)?

No. We prefer that residents stay with us full-time for the long-term.


If I go on holidays, can I arrange for someone at the village to collect my mail?

Yes. We encourage residents to advise us when their apartment will be vacant for a prolonged period, so we can arrange mail collection and ensure the apartment remains secure.

Do I have my own letterbox?

Yes. Each resident has their own letterbox.

Can I arrange newspaper and magazine deliveries to my apartment?



Is there a dining room within the village?

No. Residents prepare and cook meals in their own apartments.

Are there facilities where I can host events with friends and family?

Yes. There is a function hall in each village, with a fully equipped kitchen.


Can I park within the village?

Yes – however there is limited parking. A waiting list applies. A small parking fee applies to on-site parking. Residents wishing to park in the village must provide evidence relating to the ownership and insurance of their vehicle, as well as current drivers licence. Talk to your Village Manager regarding any inquiries.


Apart from my licence/maintenance fee, are there any extra costs associated with living in a BBRV village?

Typically the only additional expenses residents incur include: electricity usage, telephone, Pay TV & Internet access (if required). A free, fully equipped on-site internet café is available within each of our villages.

What happens when I can no longer live independently?

When residents are no longer able to live independently (without live-in support), the resident will need to relocate to a facility that can provide the support services required. We encourage all residents to make plans for future accommodation needs early in their residency at BBRV.

Village Managers 
B'nai B'rith Retirement Villages Ltd
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Sara Joffe

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Village Managers
B'nai B'rith Retirement Villages Ltd.
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Sara Joffe

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