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B’nai B’rith is an international Jewish organisation formed in the US in 1843 in response to challenging circumstances faced by the Jewish community. Around a century later, when Jewish refugees in Australia encountered similar challenges, B’nai B’rith was formed.

The foundation upon which B’nai B’rith was built, both in the US and in Australia, was centred upon the provision of humanitarian aid and support. Today, B’nai B’rith continues to provide support based on these same humanitarian principles.

While we share both part of our business name and some key values with the worldwide and Australian Jewish community service organisation, B’nai B’rith Retirement Villages Limited (BBRV) is an independent not-for profit organisation.

B’nai B’rith: Charity

One of the central tenets of Judaism is ‘tzedakah’ (charity). Similarly, core to B’nai B’rith Retirement Villages Limited in Australia is supporting parents and the elderly in the community.

With many displaced and elderly Holocaust-surviving parents arriving in decades past, it was fitting for us to establish suitable retirement accommodation for Jewish seniors in NSW.

Today, we continue to serve the Jewish seniors community, ensuring access to affordable independent retirement accommodation.


B’nai B’rith Retirement Village Limited’s first retirement accommodation, Kadimah Gardens, opened in Wahroonga in the 1960s.  Village expansion was completed in early 2000 with the addition of a new apartment complex. 


Princess Gardens, in Princess St, Rose Bay, opened to Jewish residents.

80s and 90s

Princess Gardens was expanded progressively in the 80’s and 90’s as need and opportunity arose. The site’s most recent development, Block 5A, was completed in 2003.


BBRV expands its role in support of the Jewish community by making independent retirement accommodation available to senior Jewish people with mental and/or physical disabilities.


B’nai B’rith Retirement Village completed the purchase of an adjoining Princess St property to enable Princess Gardens to expand. Subject to DA approval, 13 new units, many of which are 2 and 3-bedroom configurations, anticipated for completion in 2018-19.


BBRV purchases Guilfoyle Gardens, its first major expansion of operations by purchase of a nine unit apartment complex.

Village Managers 
B'nai B'rith Retirement Villages Ltd
Unit 52, 7-11 Princess St
Rose Bay NSW 2029

Sara Joffe

T: +61 2 9371 2631
M: +61 418 116 646

Village Managers
B'nai B'rith Retirement Villages Ltd
3-9 Jubilee Street
Wahroonga NSW 2076

Allison Thomas

T: +61 2 9489 5670
M: +61 458 015 220

Village Managers
B'nai B'rith Retirement Villages Ltd.
25 Guilfoyle Avenue
Double Bay NSW 2028

Sara Joffe

M:+61 418 116 646

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